Monday, February 20, 2006

"We'll all join Al-Qaeda"...Thats great, in the mean time we'll let you control our major ports!

this Muhammad cartoon thing just wont die. Today in a story from Reuters angry mobs of Afghan Muslims decreed that they were going to join Al-Qaeda because the "mean" people made fun of poor Muhhamad (

While this little story is out there President Bush thinks its ok to let the UAE gain security control of 6 of our major ports including Los Angeles, and New York. A parent of a slain 9/11 victim says President Bush has gone insane. I can not disagree. How fucking stupid coud the Bush administration be to think this is going to be ok? "we are in a war for our very existence, but fuck it... we'll give you control of our ports". "If anyone questions these actions brand them un-patriotic". What a comlpetely moronic move this is. Then Bush wonders why people question his intelligence.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

what a joke...

Can you believe this dude? This is a "non-Partisan" journalist from the Washington Post. These jackal's really need to get a life. Of course as you can see it was on MSNBC's Keith Olberman show "countdown" another bastion of "free-thinking". If you watch Keith, you can almost see him salavate over the thought of Mr. Weddington dieing. These reports are a damn joke. Checkout the headlines at This is a far-left website ran by Arianna Huffington. This is the site that had Alec baldwin on it. In his blog he called Cheney a "terrorist". Although their guidelines say that Huffington Post doesn't censor comments posted to its blog, they will hold the right to block your IP adress if you attack someone personally. I must of crossed this threshold because i have been blocked. Maybe Alec didn't like my comments, i realize i should try and "understand" more. I guess calling the VP of the U.S. a terrorist doesnt add up to a personal attack, been when you tell someone their movies are a joke...well that is damn cruel. What was i thinking? Any how, get ready for another week of Blah, Blah, Blah... from the mainstream media. They are not going to let this pathetic story go.

Friday, February 17, 2006

1 Million Reasons to Believe Their "peaceful"

So its happened, it's similar to the days of "the Satanic Verses" when Salman Rushdie got his death warrant signed by these so called peaceful Mullah's (albeit unsuccessful). In a call today by a Pakistani "religious leader" or Mullah, a $1 million dollar bounty has now been put on the head of the author(s) of the Muhammad cartoons ( This so called religion of peace is having quite a time with these cartoons. No better way to prove to the world that you are indeed peaceful than rioting, mass violence, and paying for a hit on another human. Although I rarely agree with her politics, Ann Coulter the right wing ideologue and the female version of Rush Limbaugh, has a great article about this very subject.

"As my regular readers know, I've long been skeptical of the "Religion of Peace" moniker for Muslims – for at least 3,000 reasons right off the top of my head. I think the evidence is going my way this week. The culture editor of a newspaper in Denmark suspected writers and cartoonists were engaging in self-censorship when it came to the Religion of Peace. It was subtle things, like a Danish comedian's statement, paraphrased by the New York Times, "that he had no problem urinating on the Bible but that he would not dare do the same to the Quran." So, after verifying that his life insurance premiums were paid up, the editor expressly requested cartoons of Muhammad from every cartoonist with a Danish cartoon syndicate. Out of 40 cartoonists, only 10 accepted the invitation, most of them submitting utterly neutral drawings with no political content whatsoever. But three cartoons made political points. One showed Muhammad turning away suicide bombers from the gates of heaven, saying "Stop, stop – we ran out of virgins!" – which I believe was a commentary on Muslims' predilection for violence. Another was a cartoon of Muhammad with horns, which I believe was a commentary on Muslims' predilection for violence. The third showed Muhammad with a turban in the shape of a bomb, which I believe was an expression of post-industrial ennui in a secular – oops, no, wait: It was more of a commentary on Muslims' predilection for violence. In order to express their displeasure with the idea that Muslims are violent, thousands of Muslims around the world engaged in rioting, arson, mob savagery, flag-burning, murder and mayhem, among other peaceful acts of nonviolence. Muslims are the only people who make feminists seem laid-back. The little darlings brandish placards with typical Religion of Peace slogans, such as: "Behead Those Who Insult Islam," "Europe, you will pay, extermination is on the way" and "Butcher those who mock Islam." They warn Europe of their own impending 9-11 with signs that say: "Europe: Your 9/11 will come" – which is ironic, because they almost had me convinced the Jews were behind the 9-11 attack.
The rioting Muslims claim they are upset because Islam prohibits any depictions of Muhammad – though the text is ambiguous on beheadings, suicide bombings and flying planes into skyscrapers. The belief that Islam forbids portrayals of Muhammad is recently acquired. Back when Muslims created things, rather than blowing them up, they made paintings, frescoes, miniatures and prints of Muhammad. But apparently the Quran is like the Constitution: It's a "living document," capable of sprouting all-new provisions at will. Muslims ought to start claiming the Quran also prohibits indoor plumbing, to explain their lack of it. Other interpretations of the Quran forbid images of humans or animals, which makes even a child's coloring book blasphemous. That's why the Taliban blew up those priceless Buddhist statues, bless their innocent, peace-loving little hearts. Largely unnoticed in this spectacle is the blinding fact that one nation is missing from the long list of Muslim countries (by which I mean France and England) with hundreds of crazy Muslims experiencing bipolar rage over some cartoons: Iraq. Hey – maybe this democracy thing does work! The barbaric behavior of Europe's Muslims suggests that the European welfare state may not be attracting your top-notch Muslims. Making the rash assumption for purposes of discussion that Islam is a religion and not a car-burning cult, even a real religion can't go bossing around other people like this. Catholics aren't short on rules, but they couldn't care less if non-Catholics use birth control. Conservative Jews have no interest in forbidding other people from mixing meat and dairy. Protestants don't make a peep about other people eating food off one another's plates. (Just stay away from our plates – that's disgusting.) But Muslims think they can issue decrees about what images can appear in newspaper cartoons. Who do they think they are, liberals?"

I think this article is poinent and to the point. Sure there are some that say "you can't brush all of Islam violent". I say OK, then show me a Ummah in the Middle East that's denouncing these vial acts of peace? Can you? Hell no, because first there are none and secondly if there were that individual would be branded a trader to the faith and risk being peacefully beheaded. Sure we can find Muslims in America or Europe that say these acts are not in accordance with Islam and this may in fact be true (which i hope for, since actually branding all of Islam as violent, brings about enormous problems in terms of how we deal with it) but where are the "moderate" Muslims in the Middle East calling for restraint? Are the leaders of Islam calling mass violence appalling? How about the Mullah's calling for dialogue instead of Molotov-cocktails? Do we see any of this?certainly I haven't and I have looked hard. In stead of calling these acts vial, Mullah's in Iran have gotten around to issuing a Fatwa stating that according to the peaceful teachings of the Koran, It is NOT against Islamic law to use nuclear weapons as long as they are used for a "good Reason" ( This right here screams peace! I don't believe all of Islam is evil. I do how ever believe that all of Islam is culpable in the fact the violence is not vehemently denounced. I do however hold Islam accountable for the culture of violence in today's Middle East. I do however feel Islam needs real leaders before its to late. Terrorists of the past while pernicious, fought for nationalism, or regime change. The Islamic radicals of today fight for fightings sake. They fight because they want a global Caliphate. This religion of peace needs to prove itself to the world. Stop these insane, elementary protests over a damn cartoon. Start cleaning up your backyard, because if you don't the world itself may be forced to. If these Islamic radicals get their hands on any type of WMD, they will use it, and then God forbid, Hell hath no fury. The gloves will come off.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Theoretical VS. Reality

Recently perusing these blogs and other sites, the thought that, when push comes to shove there are two types of people when it comes to politics. We would think of these as Democrats or Republicans but these tags don't get to the heart of it. When it comes to politics and more to the point American Foreign policy we have individuals on one end of the spectrum that live in a theoretical world. This is the world where people say things like "it should be like..." Or "If only we understood the terrorists then..." Or "America is to blame for...". These people look at the world through a distorted ideology that allows them to apply illogical thoughts to what's happening in the world today. For instance one blog said in essence America and Israel have no right to tell Iran that they cannot have a nuclear weapon since they themselves have them. Does this make sense? When is the last time America or Israel or any other democracy for that matter has threaten to wipe country "X" off the map? Another blogger spoke of the mistakes of going into Iraq. I agree that Iraq was not a part of the war on terror and has made our job harder in fighting Al-Qaeda but whether or not Iraq indeed is a mistake has no bearing on what our policies should be towards Iran should they? Another great theme throughout these blogs are the blame America people. These people agree with the terrorists and the totalitatarian regimes of the Middle East that the ills in the world are America's fault. We find these people on the far-left. We are an economical leach, going from one country to the other sucking up their resources damning any consequences. Surely America has made mistakes, but the vast majority when committed are aired in the public arena, no theme of secrecy. Do we see this in Saudi Arabia? Do we see this in any Muslim Nation? These theoretical people correlate the Muslim cartoon with being insensitive and that only if the west would understand the Muslims, then we would have peace. This couldn't be farther from the truth. What's there to understand? A cartoon comes out mocking their religion and in turn they get so upset that they torch embassies and riot. Theoretical people pass no judgment on these actions only the cartoons. To pass judgment on the actions of these Muslims would be too crash, we must understand their anger not denounce it. There comes a limit to understanding. Certainly there needs to be dialogue between cultures but when the "fringe" Muslims (fringe being used in its looses sense) are so indoctrinated that there is no room for dialogue what do you do? When a group od Islamic fanatics are so ingrained in their beliefs that they want you dead solely for being American what do you do? You kill them, that's what you do... The theoretical people though don't think America should ever use force. They are like the UN it terms of all talk and no action. The theoretical people agree with the UN in putting the Sudan, Cuba, and Libya on the human rights commission because it makes them feel good. Its an inclusive world. Just because they torture their citizens doesn't mean they don't believe in human rights. The world is like a dealt deck of cards. We must play what's been dealt not wish for a royal flush. The world is dangerous, this is for sure, the only thing that makes it more dangerous is turning a blind eye to that danger (remember 9-11?). When threats arise they must be dealt with i.e Iran. We cannot sit idly by when Muslims get upset over a damn cartoon of their religion but celebrate and dance in the streets when in their religions name, planes are used to slaughter 3,000 innocent people. I agree with the Danish. It doesn't matter if Muslims feel these cartoons are "blasphemous", that's not the point. The point is that Denmark as a free nation and having a free press believes more in freedom of speech then the hypocritical beliefs of some Muslims. The theoretical people though want you to feel bad for the Muslims, you must understand their anger. Its America's fault that besides oil, their is not a single major export that comes out of the Middle East. Its America's fault that Muslims feel degradation. Its America's fault that the Arab world has a average of 30% unemployment. Its America's fault that Bin Laden attacked us. 9-11 was America's fault because of our help in the Afghan Russia war. I realize I am digressing a bit but lets realize what it is we see. Don't let some pathetic ideology blind the facts. The fact are indisputable that's why they are such a beautiful thing. The fact remains that the Muslim world and the Islamic religion has some growing up to do. If they don't like their lot in life then get out of the Mosque, get into an education besides memorizing the Koran, and stop blaming everyone else for your ills. The Middle East should be one of the most prosperous places on earth with its pools of black gold. Instead these profits are hoarded by dictatorships like the Al-Saud family. That's where the blame belongs. Quit listening to hate speeches every Friday that masquerade for a religious speech. Until the Middle East modernize's, these theoretical people will have plenty of fuel for their illogical ideologies. Until we actually grow a pair and flush political correctness down the toilet, we will constantly be blamed. We all know these theoretical people, next time they give their opinion on something like the war on terror, ask them what it is exactly they would do to fight terror... You'll be stunned, I can tell you right now it will be something to the affect of "America needs to..." blah, blah, blah...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Excuses, Excuses...

Recently a Danish newspaper printed pictures of "Allah" that Muslims around the world found "offensive". These pictures (as you see one on the right) are offensive but the picture Above... That's fine, its in Allah's honor that this was done. Nicholas Bergs head held up for the whole world to see is fine because its in the favor of Allah, this is what he would want to have done to all us evil infidels. These cartoons of Allah are a pure excuse for a perceived anger to boil up once again. The media says these protests are incited by a 'fringe" portion of Islam. I have a hard time arguing against someone today that asks, "fringe? Its not fringe its mainstream Islam". It may not be to the point where mainstream Islam engages in violence but it certainly to a point where the "mainstream" doesn't denounce it. Recently a artist in America drew a picture depicting Osama Bin Laden as Jesus ( if you search "artist depicts bin laden as Jesus" you'll surely find it, I couldn't get it to upload). Should I as a believer in Christ want that person dead? Should I torch the museum that hung the picture? Should masses of Christians march through the streets and destroy life and property? This is exactly what's happening with the Allah cartoons. The hypocrisy here is breathtaking. One cannot poke fun at Allah, but one can surely behead and kill innocent children in his name. This conduct is acceptable. Muslims believe these cartoons may be "blasphemous". This may be, I don't argue that one could be upset by them, but is it not blasphemous to take the teachings of Allah and twist and contort them to fit some evil ideology? Is it not blasphemous to kill in his name? These are the real issues, but governments around the world are so afraid of a reactionary Muslim Ummah that they will bend over backwards to not hurt feelings. Take our news agencies for instance. CNN has no problem showing the Virgin Mary depicted and made out of elephant shit, That's right elephant shit, but will not post the cartoons of Allah "out of respect for Islam"( Check it out. Should we rush to burn CNN down? The hypocrisy as stated before is mindnumbing. Tell the Muslims that its a damn cartoon, done in poor taste surely, but a damn cartoon nonetheless. What a pathetic display of what's wrong with mainstream Islam today. Damn you to hell if you draw Allah in a cartoon or poke fun at him but on the other hand 72 virgins await you if you behead infidels and try oh Muslim as well as you can to Islamizes the earth for this is the ultimate goal! , paradise awaits! So lets not worry about a religion that has 1.6 billion adherents. Lets not wory that violent terrorism is becoming more and more acceptable to this religion, lets worry about some damn Danish cartoon. This will show the Muslims we care, we understand, then maybe they'll like us and not want to take over the planet.... How pathetic...