Monday, February 13, 2006

Theoretical VS. Reality

Recently perusing these blogs and other sites, the thought that, when push comes to shove there are two types of people when it comes to politics. We would think of these as Democrats or Republicans but these tags don't get to the heart of it. When it comes to politics and more to the point American Foreign policy we have individuals on one end of the spectrum that live in a theoretical world. This is the world where people say things like "it should be like..." Or "If only we understood the terrorists then..." Or "America is to blame for...". These people look at the world through a distorted ideology that allows them to apply illogical thoughts to what's happening in the world today. For instance one blog said in essence America and Israel have no right to tell Iran that they cannot have a nuclear weapon since they themselves have them. Does this make sense? When is the last time America or Israel or any other democracy for that matter has threaten to wipe country "X" off the map? Another blogger spoke of the mistakes of going into Iraq. I agree that Iraq was not a part of the war on terror and has made our job harder in fighting Al-Qaeda but whether or not Iraq indeed is a mistake has no bearing on what our policies should be towards Iran should they? Another great theme throughout these blogs are the blame America people. These people agree with the terrorists and the totalitatarian regimes of the Middle East that the ills in the world are America's fault. We find these people on the far-left. We are an economical leach, going from one country to the other sucking up their resources damning any consequences. Surely America has made mistakes, but the vast majority when committed are aired in the public arena, no theme of secrecy. Do we see this in Saudi Arabia? Do we see this in any Muslim Nation? These theoretical people correlate the Muslim cartoon with being insensitive and that only if the west would understand the Muslims, then we would have peace. This couldn't be farther from the truth. What's there to understand? A cartoon comes out mocking their religion and in turn they get so upset that they torch embassies and riot. Theoretical people pass no judgment on these actions only the cartoons. To pass judgment on the actions of these Muslims would be too crash, we must understand their anger not denounce it. There comes a limit to understanding. Certainly there needs to be dialogue between cultures but when the "fringe" Muslims (fringe being used in its looses sense) are so indoctrinated that there is no room for dialogue what do you do? When a group od Islamic fanatics are so ingrained in their beliefs that they want you dead solely for being American what do you do? You kill them, that's what you do... The theoretical people though don't think America should ever use force. They are like the UN it terms of all talk and no action. The theoretical people agree with the UN in putting the Sudan, Cuba, and Libya on the human rights commission because it makes them feel good. Its an inclusive world. Just because they torture their citizens doesn't mean they don't believe in human rights. The world is like a dealt deck of cards. We must play what's been dealt not wish for a royal flush. The world is dangerous, this is for sure, the only thing that makes it more dangerous is turning a blind eye to that danger (remember 9-11?). When threats arise they must be dealt with i.e Iran. We cannot sit idly by when Muslims get upset over a damn cartoon of their religion but celebrate and dance in the streets when in their religions name, planes are used to slaughter 3,000 innocent people. I agree with the Danish. It doesn't matter if Muslims feel these cartoons are "blasphemous", that's not the point. The point is that Denmark as a free nation and having a free press believes more in freedom of speech then the hypocritical beliefs of some Muslims. The theoretical people though want you to feel bad for the Muslims, you must understand their anger. Its America's fault that besides oil, their is not a single major export that comes out of the Middle East. Its America's fault that Muslims feel degradation. Its America's fault that the Arab world has a average of 30% unemployment. Its America's fault that Bin Laden attacked us. 9-11 was America's fault because of our help in the Afghan Russia war. I realize I am digressing a bit but lets realize what it is we see. Don't let some pathetic ideology blind the facts. The fact are indisputable that's why they are such a beautiful thing. The fact remains that the Muslim world and the Islamic religion has some growing up to do. If they don't like their lot in life then get out of the Mosque, get into an education besides memorizing the Koran, and stop blaming everyone else for your ills. The Middle East should be one of the most prosperous places on earth with its pools of black gold. Instead these profits are hoarded by dictatorships like the Al-Saud family. That's where the blame belongs. Quit listening to hate speeches every Friday that masquerade for a religious speech. Until the Middle East modernize's, these theoretical people will have plenty of fuel for their illogical ideologies. Until we actually grow a pair and flush political correctness down the toilet, we will constantly be blamed. We all know these theoretical people, next time they give their opinion on something like the war on terror, ask them what it is exactly they would do to fight terror... You'll be stunned, I can tell you right now it will be something to the affect of "America needs to..." blah, blah, blah...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The theoretical you speak of sound quite similar to the folks who want equality in the sense of affirmative action. "Give me/my minority group more pay, but don't make me do the work involved that would make me an equal."
Opportunity is available equally to every person in the U.S. and it's a horseshit excuse to say otherwise.
If any person feels they don't have everything available to them because of their neighborhood, or school system, or gender/race, get the hell out of this country and see how much opportunity is available to you in Pakistan, China or anywhere. I'll see you on t.v. in 6 months in a commercial for "feed the children".

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Everyone always hates the kid who has everything...and that kid is America.

5:13 PM  

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