Monday, February 20, 2006

"We'll all join Al-Qaeda"...Thats great, in the mean time we'll let you control our major ports!

this Muhammad cartoon thing just wont die. Today in a story from Reuters angry mobs of Afghan Muslims decreed that they were going to join Al-Qaeda because the "mean" people made fun of poor Muhhamad (

While this little story is out there President Bush thinks its ok to let the UAE gain security control of 6 of our major ports including Los Angeles, and New York. A parent of a slain 9/11 victim says President Bush has gone insane. I can not disagree. How fucking stupid coud the Bush administration be to think this is going to be ok? "we are in a war for our very existence, but fuck it... we'll give you control of our ports". "If anyone questions these actions brand them un-patriotic". What a comlpetely moronic move this is. Then Bush wonders why people question his intelligence.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

what a joke...

Can you believe this dude? This is a "non-Partisan" journalist from the Washington Post. These jackal's really need to get a life. Of course as you can see it was on MSNBC's Keith Olberman show "countdown" another bastion of "free-thinking". If you watch Keith, you can almost see him salavate over the thought of Mr. Weddington dieing. These reports are a damn joke. Checkout the headlines at This is a far-left website ran by Arianna Huffington. This is the site that had Alec baldwin on it. In his blog he called Cheney a "terrorist". Although their guidelines say that Huffington Post doesn't censor comments posted to its blog, they will hold the right to block your IP adress if you attack someone personally. I must of crossed this threshold because i have been blocked. Maybe Alec didn't like my comments, i realize i should try and "understand" more. I guess calling the VP of the U.S. a terrorist doesnt add up to a personal attack, been when you tell someone their movies are a joke...well that is damn cruel. What was i thinking? Any how, get ready for another week of Blah, Blah, Blah... from the mainstream media. They are not going to let this pathetic story go.